Why GUI based learning method is good for kids

An important question is whether a particular coding language allows your child to do what they want to do, in a way, that’s enjoyable for them. Start with what they want to make and find a good language for that which is best suited to the way they think.

It’s a myth that adults don’t use graphical languages. They do.

One of the important advantages of graphical languages is that children don’t have to remember a list of commands or complex syntax, it’s built-in. This is such a huge thing when kids are learning a programming language.

Syntax errors are a pain for adults and kids. In early stages of coding when creativity should be overtaking debugging, children should not be spending ages working on syntax issues …. something like that they’ve missed out a colon that should obviously be there, counting brackets or spotting a spelling mistake. Instead of spending time on discovering that they have missed a colon from the end of a line, kids are able to spend more time thinking about the logic of their project and the final outcome. Syntax will come naturally when they build projects.

Currently they need to spend more time on computational thinking and less on keeping the computer happy.

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