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Slide CODING: The New Literacy • Almost all of the services in future would be powered by software in some way or the other which has made coding an indispensable asset.

• Market Research shows that more than 50% of the white-collared jobs will be in the IT Sector requiring knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, all requiring the knowledge of coding. The question is will your child be there?
Slide Making your Children Future-ready • Computer Science in School curriculum does not teach children the relevant things required for them to be future ready.

• In Western countries children develop a research mindset at school level itself as Computational thinking coupled with Logical and Critical thinking are a part of their curriculum since Kindergarten.
Slide The StartCoding Stack • StartCoding has developed the K12 Coding Stack by which children will be ready for the 21st Century Skills.

• We aim to make children at par with the children in the Western countries. To this effect our Research team of Computer Scientists have developed the K12 Coding Stack by which children will be future ready.
Slide Long Term Courses That Develop Computational Thinking • Long term courses help a child to fill out the knowledge gaps and help him/her to stay ahead of the curve.

• We inculcate coding as a habit. For this reason, we have a curriculum which inducts children into a Computational Thinking mindset year after year.
Slide Developing a Logical Mindset • We build the foundation very carefully starting with a Mathematical background on which we start off with building a logical mindset and developing the critical thinking of a child.

• Once the foundation is laid, we build Algorithmic thinking through algorithms, flowcharts and pseudo-code.

• Coding is inculcated in a child friendly manner through Graphical User Interfaces so that children learn to read code and then learn to write code.
Slide Graduating
We aim to to develop their problem solving capability and set a computational thinking mindset after which we broaden their technical horizon so that by the age of 16, we graduate “Coding Champions” who can take the world in their stride.



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Frequently asked questions

  • The brain is formed fully by the age of 9 and then the decision making capability starts.
  • Coding preferably should start before that. Higher Order Thinking Skills should be introduced post the age of 9, this can be done through introducing Computational thinking in Secondary years.
  • Having said that, it’s not late if your child has crossed his primary years.
  • Just that the earlier he/she starts, the better it is.
  • This purely depends on the way it is introduced. A child friendly way to introduce it to children will give
    wonderous results.
  • We can teach children only so much, they start teaching us after that !!
  • We have worked with schools and have seen amazing results in the coding competitions conducted regularly in schools !
  • Depends on the age of the child.
  • There are a lot of apps available which induct a child into coding…try LightBotJr for 1st years …graduate to ScratchJr 🙂
  • We have a whole set of tools year on year which introduce them to coding and build their skills gradually.
  • And we have seen children run towards the computer in classrooms for their turn 🙂
  • Block based Programming Language to start with which ignites the coding mindset.
  • If you start a child onto higher level languages directly , he will dislike it instantaneously.
  • The reason is that children by nature like shapes, color, movements, they like to play !
  • We get them to play and map the concepts appropriately 🙂
  • Kids learn to read before they write.
  • A language like English too is taught to be read before a child learns to write.
  • Similar principle applies to Coding Languages.
  • The child needs to learn to read code before he writes code.
  • GUI Based Learning methodology promotes this kind of learning.

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    StartCoding had presented in Karnataka Sangha through Bangalore Sahodaya on October 22nd and 23rd.

    We would like schools to introduce coding from Primary years since coding is the 21st Century skill and children need to be well equipped with coding skills.