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“The StartCoding Curriculum” offers an extensive YEAR ROUND CODING CURRICULUM from Class 1 to 10 because coding cannot be learnt in a couple of months as per our research.
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 6
Class 7
Class 8
Class 9
Class 10


  • Please check the full year course curriculum for each Class.
  • Once you register, the StartCoding Team will get in touch with you within 7 days.
  • Classes will be conducted online, LIVE, by “The Instructors”
  • There will be 2 LIVE sessions per week.
  • Students can post their queries on the email provided to them to get instant clarification on concepts.
  • Batch size will be between 15-20 students.
  • Worksheets and LIVE Projects are a part of the curriculum to enhance grasping concepts.

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