What’s common between Sudoku and Coding

What’s common between Sudoku and Coding?

What’s common between Sudoku and Coding?

Being able to think logically is important because computer programming is about coming up with precise solutions
that a computer can follow.

To do that you have to make sure all the possibilities have been covered.
Sudoku puzzles are logic puzzles with certain rules.

The process of making mistakes and rectifying them in Suduko is similar to debugging a program.

As you learn to program, you will spend a decent amount of your time doing this task over and over again.

Your fondest … and darkest memories will be figuring out why your program didn’t work.

Simply knowing the rules or programming syntax doesn’t guarantee a working program.

Algorithmic thinking is a way of getting to a solution through the clear definition of the steps
needed – nothing happens by magic.
The most effective way to improve logical, critical and algorithmic thinking is to solve problems as frequently as possible.

(Note: improve logical, critical and algorithmic thinking with GUI based Leaning)

I’m not saying you need to go through
Search algorithms
Hash functions
Sorting algorithms
Timetable problem
Knapsack problem
Backtracking algorithm

I say start with Sudoku!
Increase the complexity weekly.
Try new and different puzzles …like maybe Kakuro after you get comfortable with Sudoku.

As you start, you will be able to do the easy tasks, but the complex ones will be outside your abilities.
Gradually build upon solving the difficult ones.

Puzzles are a great way to improve your computational thinking skills and learn about computing too.
Computer science is all about problem-solving.

Why don’t you start with these

Happy Solving!

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