Class 1 courses

Class 1: Programming Fundamentals

Scratch jr coding for kids

Scratch jr coding for kids – We build the foundations of primary years by introducing logical and critical thinking. This enables a child to think out of the box. Algorithmic thinking through GUIs is introduced thereafter which covers broad subjects like directions, positions etc which induct the student to become a problem solver.

Algorithm Labs are conducted for the practical aspect which develops problem-solving and communication skills.

Coding tools used by students in Western countries are introduced for simulating a programming mindset. Coding Labs are conducted to handhold the child so that he/she can code and create projects like animations, stories, games.

Students are encouraged to work in small teams to imbibe a team working culture and to learn to play on his/her strengths.

Each student has his/her coding profile to which the list of projects which are stored in the cloud are added.

Assessment is through worksheet submission, project submission, tests and a monthly report card is sent to the parent on the childs progress.


A Junior Coder 1 Completion certificate is awarded to the student once he finishes the course. Your child will be at par with the students of his age in the Western countries.


Month 1: Logical and Critical Thinking

Month 2: Algorithmic Thinking through GUIs

Month 3: Algorithmic Thinking through GUIs

Month 4: Coding Application to simulate a programming mindset

Month 5: Coding Application to simulate a programming mindset

Month 6: Graphical User Interface Programming fundamentals

Month 7: Graphical User interface Programming concepts

Month 8: Graphical User interface programming mini projects

Month 9: Advance GUI programming

Month 10: Coding project Sessions creating a story

Month 11: Coding project Sessions-creating an animation

Month 12: Coding project-Creating a game

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