App Development in Children

We’re seeing a fundamental shift in the way people are using their mobile devices. We want to enable kids to create mobile applications that allow them to engage the mobile space as developers regardless of their computer programming knowledge. App development for kids is a powerful tool for exposing students to the world of computer programming and helping them become creators of technology rather than just consumers of it. When children code they learn how to express themselves, develop procedural thinking, and strengthen their confidence, they acquire a new set of skills that help them shift from just consuming information to becoming digital creators. Mobile app development for kids is a study done by kids to learn App for smartphones on their own. It involves grasping the concepts of coding and by taking one step at a time work towards the creation of an App that works on smartphones efficiently.

Why Should Kids Learn App Development?

There are many career opportunities for individuals in app development fundamentals. Practically every business in the modern world needs an online presence, and app and web development are required to make that happen. Learning coding opens countless doors in one’s career and getting started at a young age can help learners become experts.

Parents and teachers must make an effort to help children see the world of possibilities waiting for them, and this holds true for app development. Young learners need to understand the importance of coding, as well as the integral role they can play in software development. Perhaps most importantly, they must know that they have support during times of confusion or frustration while learning the subject.

App development is playing an increasingly important role in the modern world and, as such, should be an area of focus for parents and teachers alike. When kids learn app development, they are given new avenues for creative expression, enhancing their critical thinking, and improving their creative problem-solving skills.

Here are five apps that prove age is no bar when it comes to sheer genius.

Ambulance Whizz

Ambulance Whizz is made by 8-year-old Brinda Darshan Jain from Bengaluru with a ‘vision’ to help ambulance drivers quickly navigate their way through busy and crowded metro city roads.
The app that Brinda has developed is designed to act as a bridge between ambulance drivers and the traffic police, with the driver being able to select the type of emergency, including pregnancy, heart-related and accident, among others. Then, the driver would have to update their location before they begin the journey.

Jishnu’s light bag

Another example of innovation comes from a 16-year-old Assamese boy named Jishnu Baruah. Watching children struggle while going to school due to their heavy bags gave Jishnu the idea to create ‘Jishnu’s light bag’. The app is designed to act as a medium between teachers and students, with a special focus on the weight of the school bag. The teacher would be able to see the estimated weight of a school bag based on the day’s timetable, along with an animation depicting the discomfort level of students in case the bag is highly overweight. With these calculations, the teacher would be able to adjust the timetable so that students do not have to carry a very heavy backpack to school.


Within modern nuclear families, the demanding schedules of both parents often entails children being left alone to fend for themselves. This made 12-year-old Arush think, even more so during the pandemic. Then he came up with an app that could serve as a virtual parent for kids who may find themselves on their own.
Parent.ely’s virtual parent is an AI system which acts just like a real-life parent, doing things that an actual parent can do. For example, the app’s virtual parent can talk to the child and give the child advice.
Angel Investor Kid$

Ivana O’Dea is only 9 years old and has already started looking at ways to provide other children a platform to raise funds for their ideas. With her very unique app, she has created a platform for children to pitch their ideas directly to Angel Investors who might be interested in helping them bring their ideas to life.


14-year-old Aaron Soekiatno has created an app that lets people avoid standing in queues by hiring others to stand in their place. With the app, called Frogger, users can hire ‘Froggers’ (the name he has given to people who sign up to stand in queues for others) based on their location. The data of Froggers is sorted on the basis of hourly charges as well as distance for the users’ convenience. Moreover, people wanting to earn extra income can also register themselves as Froggers on the app.
List of few popular apps used by the kids:

Ria Rabbit

India’s first age-appropriate, culturally relevant home-grown content for children (ages 0-6 years). Their audio & visual content had been developed to engage the kids in something fun and colorful while building the sense of Indian values which parents would want to inculcate in them, through the characters.

Peppa Pig

Peppa is a preschool, outgoing pig who participates in many energetic activities. Every day, she learns something new and has a lot of fun with her family and friends.


An Indian edutainment platform that offers a wide range of learning programs for kids. This includes fun activities, nursery rhymes, bedtime and moral stories, lessons on learning alphabets and numbers.

Super Why

Four fairytale friends go on magical adventures and turn into literary-powered superheroes trying to solve a problem in Storybook Village. The show promotes literacy skills like spelling, sounding out letters, identifying words and basic reading skills. It also inculcates in the audience the lessons in friendship, teamwork and respect.


A fantastic suite of games which provides a total integral learning like curriculum linked math program, language skills, general knowledge, creativity and role playing and social-emotional learning.


With over 16,000 images, one can watch NASA TV live, get their hands on 2D Maps and 3D earth models, learn more about the solar system — it’s a wealth of information. Falling on similar lines is the Star Chart app for astronomy, which helps one spot the stars and planets in skies accurately once they point their device towards the sky. It enables one to learn more about the star or planet.


With help from the app, which uses augmented reality, you can solve mathematical problems. Simply point your camera at any piece of paper with an equation or an arithmetic problem, and the solution will appear automatically.

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