Description of the Courses :

6-8 Years – Develop Algorithmic thinking and create your own games with Coding

  • Students will be introduced to programming concepts like loops, conditionals, events, sensing using a GUI Tool.
  • Students will be able to analyse a problem with algorithms and create their own games.

9-12 years – Learn Python Coding through Geometry

  • Students will understand the concept of angles in geometry required for animating shapes in Python.
  • They will be able to design their own geometric patterns using Python programming concepts like loops and conditionals.
  • They will graduate to Python terminal coding to create their own geometric patterns.

12-14 years – Learn Programming Concepts in Python

  • This session will cover Python Intermediate Coding Using Blocks.
  • Students will be introduced to Python Coding through GUI Tool.
  • They will understand programming concepts like loops, conditionals, variables.
  • Students will be able to create their own game in Python using GUI Tool.
  • Students will be introduced on how to transition from GUI Tool to Terminal Coding.

15-17 years – Learn Advanced Programming Concepts Through Terminal with Python

  • This course will introduce students to Hands-on Python coding on the Terminal.
  • Students will be introduced to Python as a language.
  • They will code on the terminal using Python and write their own Python programs.
  • Students will be introduced to advanced concepts like list functions and string functions.
  • Students will be able to create their own game in Python.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Coding is a 21st Century skill.
  • Most of the future jobs will require coding knowledge.
  • Coding also improves logical and critical thinking, creative thinking and problem-solving capability.
  • Coding empowers children to create. Instead of playing video games, if they can create their own games, web pages, apps…it will empower them and increase their confidence.
The child can opt-in for his age-specific course (Learn Programming Concepts in Python) since he will be introduced to Python using a GUI Tool which will make it easy for him to grasp programming constructs.
  • Python is an important language on which concepts like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences are based.
  • It is a relatively simpler language and does not need understanding OOPS Concepts to code.
  • We introduce a student to Python, then graduate him to OOPS thereafter to Java.
  • Nothing essentially. We take the student through basic algorithmic concepts before introducing him to programming concepts so that he can learn as per his age.
  • We expect he has knowledge of shapes and angles between ages 9-12.
A Laptop/Desktop is required with an active Internet connection.
  • We are pioneers in teaching coding to schools in India. We understand the mindset of students of every age and that sets us apart from others since we have worked with multiple schools.
  • We have worked with child psychologists and understand what children like, thus we have integrated GUI Tools for each and every coding concept.