Class 4: Python Turtle Programming

Python coding for kids

We build the foundations of primary years by introducing logical and critical thinking. This enables a child to think out of the box.
Algorithmic thinking through GUIs is introduced thereafter which covers broad subjects like sorting, debugging etc which induct the student to become a problem solver.

Python coding for kids


Algorithm Labs are conducted for the practical aspect which develops problem solving and communication skills.
Various Coding tools are introduced to build a Computational Thinking mindset. Coding Labs are conducted to handhold the child so that he/she can code and create projects like animations, stories, games.

Python and HTML Coding concepts are introduced through GUI Tools so that children enjoy coding as they create projects.

Students will be able to code in Python and will be able to create their own web pages. They will understand coding concepts like variables, loops, and conditionals. Students use 3D models to start creating rich games.

Students are encouraged to work in small teams to imbibe a team working culture and to learn to play on his/her strengths.

Each student has his/her coding profile to which the list of projects which are stored in the cloud are added.

Assessment is through worksheet submission, project submission , tests and a monthly report card is sent to the parent on the child’s progress.

Certificate : Python coding for kids

A Mid Coder 1 Completion certificate is awarded to the student once he finishes the course. Your child will be at par with the students of his age in the Western countries.

Description : Python coding for kids

Month 1: Logical and Critical Thinking

Month 2: Algorithmic Thinking through GUIs

Month 3: Variables and Loops using Block-based coding

Month 4: Python Turtle programming – using Block-Based coding

Month 5: Python Turtle programming – using Block-Based coding

Month 6: Python turtle programming – basic constructs

Month 7: Python turtle programming – Advanced constructs

Month 8: Python turtle programming – project

Month 9: Creating your webpage – basic constructs

Month 10: Creating your webpage-Advanced constructs

Month 11: 3-D Graphics to create rich games and simulating models

Month 12: 3-D Graphics to create rich games and simulating models

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