StartCoding is a R&D company into K12 technologies, founded by IIT-IIM graduates with decades for experience in the Software Industry.

We are addressing a fundamental gap in the way Computer Science is being taught in schools in India where it does not cover the relevant aspects required for students to be employment ready unlike students in Western countries.

We have synthesized relevant sections of IIT B.Tech Computer Science curriculum to be able to teach complex concepts to students from 1st – 10th standard.

Our team of Computer Scientists in collaboration with child psychologists have developed the revolutionary “StartCoding K12 coding Stack” which is under patent and is being implemented as part of the curriculum in schools. We are looking at partnering with schools to enhance their Brand Value and position them as Thought Leaders by being a pioneer in school Computer Science education.

Value Proposition for Schools

  • Position themselves as a school which has introduced Computing in an Innovative way to prepare workforce ready students.
  • Helps them to attract parents especially in a tech city like Bangalore.
  • Charge a Premium which will improve their revenue substantially.
  • Helps differentiate with more traditional schools.
  • Enhances Brand Value as a Thought Leader

Operating Model

  • Plug and play model – end to end taken care by StartCoding.
  • 2 sessions per week per class required to be allocated in the school curriculum, StartCoding. will work with school management to ensure the timetable is allocated as per above.
  • StartCoding. will embed their Trained teachers into the school schedule.
  • Each teacher will be provided with his/her laptop with the “StartCoding K12 Coding Stack “ installed on it which will be used directly for teaching.
  • StartCoding will present a monthly report to the school on the milestones covered and the feedback summary.
  • An escalation matrix is in place to track escalations from schools at different levels.
  • Parents will be displayed the project done by their ward during PTMs and feedback will be collected on the student progress.
  • 3 Top Selected projects will be awarded and displayed in the School magazine and presented during School Annual Day program to display the value add from the School vis a vis StartCoding curriculum.

Accelerator Program for Schools

A 3-month program for schools which focuses on building the coding foundations through Logical and Critical thinking or Coding Maths and Algorithms to bring the students up to speed on Coding.

Building Programming Constructs

A 5 month program which focuses on building a programming mindset for the Students.

Students will be able to understand programming constructs which are required to program games/animations/stories/programs.

Advanced programming concepts

A 2-month program in which Students will be able to create their own standalone games/animations/stories/programs using either block-based coding or programming languages on terminal.

StartCoding had presented in Karnataka Sangha through Bangalore Sahodaya on October 22nd and 23rd.