Champions Inc is a Bangalore based company which is into research of latest educational technologies for children.We believe that “Coding is the new Literacy” and are committed to deliver results by training children in the latest technologies to prepare them for the future.

We focus on getting children ready on LCCA (Logical thinking, Critical thinking, Computational thinking, Algorithmic thinking) thus making them confident problem solvers. Almost all of the services in future would be powered by software in some way or the other. Because of which coding has become an indispensable asset. We start early from kids of 4 years old and by 16 years they are coding champions.

“We craft the foundation and the wings to fly higher than your dreams.”

Mala Bankal, CEO

Bankal Mala - CEO

Mala Bankal holds a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from Pune University and has a wide experience of 20 years working with various MNCs like Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, Oracle etc. She has been a Security Specialist and holds security certifications like CISA , GIAC. She has also designed courses for educational institutes like ElementK USA. She is passionate about languages like Python, Java, C++, C and related technologies like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Micropython, BBC Microbit etc.